How does Homelegance, Inc. (Top-Line Furniture) work?

Homelegance, Inc. (Top-Line Furniture) brings you the best in online furniture shopping. Browse Homelegance, Inc.'s (Top-Line Furniture) tremendous selection of home furnishings and use our interactive tools to find the furniture that's right for you.

Ready to order? Your furniture is in-stock, nearby, and can be delivered quickly. Place your order online, and you'll soon receive the furniture.


Do you sell direct to the public?

Homelegance, Inc. (Top-Line Furniture) does not sell directly to the public. Instead, we sell our products through reputable retail stores (Dealers) throughout the United States. However, we make every effort to assist in locating a local dealer in your area.


Where can I go to buy Homelegance, Inc. (Top-Line Furniture)?

You may check with us to find Homelegance, Inc. (Top-Line Furniture) dealers near you.


How can I receive parts and/or services for the furniture I purchased?

Please request all parts or services through your authorized Homelegance, Inc. (Top-Line Furniture) dealer.


Do the stores in my area have the item I want in stock?

Please call your local store in advance to see if they have the product of your interest in stock before visiting the store.


How do I become a dealer if I have a furniture store in the U.S.?

Please refer to this page for more detail.